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We guarantee highest quality

The whole equipment like ski boots, helmets and most of all the sets of skis that are available for renting and for test rides are checked regularly.

We work with Wintersteiger© machines.

Ski depot

Are you too tired to take the equipment back to your hotel after having spent the whole day on the slopes?

Don’t worry! We know what to do: deposit the hired equipment over night in our store and pick it up the morning after.

That way your equipment is going to be fully dried and – most importantly – your boots warm. Perfect conditions to start another skiing day in paradise!

Rental equipment for kids

We care a big deal about your children’s safety on the slopes.

That’s why you receive one free rental helmet for every children’s ski set (skis, boots and sticks) or snowboard set (board and boots) you hire. You can keep it for the whole hiring period!

Test equipment on the slopes

You can test the equipment of our dreams on the slopes.

If you fall in love with the boots or skis you tested on the slopes and you decide to buy the equipment you tried earlier, the test fee is set off with the purchase price!

Switch equipment

If you would like to switch from one pair of skis or skiing boots you hired to a different pair of the same category, you don’t pay an extra fee.

Attractive cost-effectiveness

Our equipment is definitively worth your money – ski seven days for the price of six!